We develop charming applications and software solutions...

... that create customer gains and get the job done.

What We Do

Ombians help companies create charming, impactful, high-speed, and easy-to-use digital experiences.

How We Do It

Through Ombia's flexible and effective spirit and its agile proven step-by-step process, we will help create affordable products that we ourselves want to use.

Our drive

Ombians love to solve problems and make life easier for our customers and society through digital transformation.

Our Services

Web and mobile apps

Ombians have built custom software applications for Oil & Gas, Health, and Construction sectors. Our mobile apps run successfully on Web, iOS and Android OS.

Data Analytics/Business Intelligence

Discover trends and insights in large and complex data sets in order to monitor business performance and make informed decisions.

Systems integrations

System integrations have been performed through successful connections between ERPs and custom cloud applications/cloud services.

Legacy systems support

Ombians have proven experience supporting outdated software applications, file formats, and programming languages.

Multi - Tier IT Support
L1, L2, L3

Our technical IT support service will conjugate with the best-of-a-kind customer service philosophy and will be adjusted to your requirements and delivered by highly trained and talented Ombians.

Team augmentation / Staffing

Experienced designers and developers can join your team for varying lengths of time and accelerate your projects.

Our technologies

Talented and avant-garde Ombians build apps and digital solutions with an ample variety of programming languages and tools.
Apache NiFi
React Native
Power BI/DAX
and others

Some of our work

Meet our team.

We are a highly skilled team of professionals, including exceptional designers, developers, and consultants, working together to deliver outstanding results. Our team flourishes under the mentorship and visionary leadership of industry-leading engineering executives.

Hernando Celedón

Chemical Engineer from Vanderbilt University. Accomplished C-Suite that has managed projects with a cumulative budget of more than 50 million USD.

Roberto Ebratt

Mechanical Engineer from Universidad del Norte, MSc in Computational Geometry from Universidad Eafit, and book Diseño y Construcción de Algoritmos co-author. Accomplished CTO that has managed projects with a cumulative budget of more than 15 million USD.

Ricardo Gerlein

Economist from Universidad Javeriana. Accomplished CFO with experience in the financial world in Colombia and abroad.

Jose Felipe Fuenmayor

Head of HR
BS in Management from Purdue University. Successfully, led hiring processes with low turnover, increasing the staff from 80 people to 240 in one year.

Powering Ideas,

With its strategic location and driving force, Ombia is the flexible and efficient ally that propels your journey to greatness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once the Ombians have a high-level definition of the objectives, scope, and time baselines of the project and an agreement has been reached, we can usually start the project within 4 weeks.

Ombia has a very rigorous recruiting process that ensures the best teammates. The process consists of 7 steps:
  1. Screening and English Assessment
  2. Problem-Solving Challenge
  3. Live Coding Challenge
  4. Cultural Affinity Interview
  5. Psychometric Assessments
  6. Founders Interview
  7. Contractual Formalization.

Ombia can perform a free trial/challenge of its services. In all cases, a free trial/challenge must be previously approved by Ombia.

Through Ombia's staff augmentation services you can:
  1. Accelerate your growth by improving project dynamics and timeline
  2. Fill a vacancy when you have lost a team member
  3. Your collaborators receive training and mentoring
  4. Increase or decrease team with ease
  5. Accessibility to technical expertise

Ombia has the capability to offer high-quality code reviews.

Ombia is capable of signing maintenance agreements for both web and mobile applications.

Nearshoring services from Colombia guarantee time zone alignment and cultural affinity with North America, and neutrality in accent and pronunciation in English and French.


Barranquilla time zone and its overlap with the US and Canada
Shifting offshore to nearshore services.

Still have unanswered questions?

Don't worry, our team will always be available to answer all your questions.

Let's power ideas, TOGETHER

If you want to know more about Ombia or have any questions, please complete the following information and we will contact you.